Essential secrets which you need to know before booking a hotel in Las Vegas

The foremost thing which you need to know in case you’re about to stay in a hotel in Las Vegas is that everything is much different here. It is true that Las Vegas is not like many other places even though there’s a Grand Canal, an Eiffel Tower and a Brooklyn Bridge. The hoteliers in Las Vegas don’t follow the rules of anybody but in case you’re a first-time traveler to Vegas, you would definitely need to know a few secrets about hotels in this place so that you can allow your weekend to keep running without any issues. Here are few points which you’d wish you knew before you book a stay in Las Vegas. Let’s check them out.


1.  The luxury in Las Vegas may not be the exact kind of luxury that you’re looking for

Like the world of Walt Disney and cruise ships, the word ‘fancy’ means fancy according to Las Vegas standards. In majority of the cities, you can usually predict 5-star service from resorts which are awarded 5 stars and diamonds by those people who hand over such awards. In Las Vegas, luxury clearly means that they’ve spent a huge amount of money on the accomodations, rooms and other amenities like high-end restaurants, spa and costly landscaping. In case you’re looking for something exclusive, Las Vegas is not the place to be.

2.  The newest hotel is most often the best one around

The hotels in Las Vegas usually don’t age well and they always go through a competition to be the most exciting and the best one. But although this is a fact, at the same time, tourists don’t like to spend a huge amount of money and they feel the tightening of their purse strings. The resort which you had visited 5 years back may seem to be nothing like what you remember and hence you should always consult user reviews in order to know which one is good and which one’s not.

3.  Never yell at the hotel staff even though you’re unhappy with their service

There are some nice hotels where they keep sending management staff at the service of tourists all the while to ensure that all things are set right. But in Las Vegas, if you create a scene by yelling, there will appear some really big guys. Hence, you may complain about any inadequacies but keep your voice low.

4.  Las Vegas is an extremely loud place

If you’re a tourist who prefers a calm atmosphere, you should be aware before stepping into Las Vegas that it is an extremely loud place. In fact, there are many guests who are simply shocked to find dancing always go on to loud music. And if it’s Saturday night, you shouldn’t expect to get a good sleep as everyone is partying around.

Therefore, if you’re planning a vacation at Las Vegas and you’re not sure about the places you should choose to accomodate, take into account the secrets about hotels mentioned above.