Travel Nursing Trends For 2017

Health care professionals are in high demand and the need for highly skilled RN’s continues to grow. What started as a way to help health care facilities in smaller cities and rural areas fill shortages is now a growing opportunity to become a travel nurse.  Agencies that recruit qualified RN’s who are interested in travel and/or the chance to be paid higher salaries are filling a growing need.

Travel nurses who line up a well paying position can earn a salary that’s comparable to that of a hospital staff RN. Additionally paid travel & living expenses along with the ability to make their own schedule make it appealing for some nurses.  Here are some of the major trends impacting  the travel nursing profession and predictions of what’s on the horizon.

The Nursing Shortage Continues to Grow

Do some research and it shows that nurses are in demand and the profession is experiencing a major shortage largely due to an aging population. More senior citizens than ever before along the number of people leaving the workforce and not enough younger nurses to replace them and shortages result.

The continuing shortage of RN’s and other healthcare professionals could have medical centers relying on travel nurses. For some small centers travel nurses as needed could prove more cost effective compared to full time staffers.


The Affordable Care Act

Passing this act into legislation has resulted in 20 million people gaining health insurance coverage. However it had hospitals and medical institutions looking to travel nurses to accommodate more patients. The Keiser Health News reported that the 20 year nursing demand was a direct result of the NCA.

Looking to the future: President Trump has plans to dismantle Obamacare although it will be a gradual process. As part of this new policy those who received coverage as a result of the Affordable Care Act will still be included. Those with pre existing conditions will still have access and young adults under the age of 26 will remain covered by their parents policies if needed.

Bigger Roles For Nurses

With an eye to saving money medical organizations are looking to hiring more advanced nursing professionals ( for example a nurse practitioner ) . Hiring more nurses can be a cost savings and reduce the need for physicians.

Travel nurses, especially those with credentials to treat special conditions like cancer or pediatric patients will provide a solution to filling temporary shortages, For some employers using a travel nurse helps simplify the recruiting process, in States like Florida where a seasonal influx of seniors means they only require more staffing for those periods.

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