One of the foremost airlines in Nigeria is Fly Medview

One of the foremost airlines in Nigeria is Fly Medview. In a country with such huge land space as Nigeria, flying is the easiest way to get around between cities. It can be done in a matter of hours as compared to travelling a full day on roads. Fly Medview gives their passengers the option of booking into an economy or first class cabin. Regular travellers on the airline can even sign up to their loyalty programme and take advantage of fantastic rewards, simply for flying with them. Miles are racked up so the more you fly, the more you would earn. Of course, international travellers would earn much more, because of distance, though regular local travellers can earn a major share as well. Extra baggage allowance, priority on an emergency waiting list or entry into a VIP lounge round up the benefits. So what is the process of taking a flight on Fly Medview?


The first step would be to actually book into the Fly Medview flight and confirm your seat. Best to do this online, so that you get all of the information directly and can go from there into choosing a flight based on your requirement. Using a flight search engine will give you results pertaining to your city and date needs. You would choose one from these that meets your budget, time of day or cabin choice. Finding deals on Fly Medview flights can be done with much more ease when you do it yourself. The online facility allows for just this. It goes without saying that the further back you book your flight, the more choice you would have in terms of meeting your requirements. Booking too late will see you settling for a time of day that is inconvenient to you or missing out on a cheaply priced ticket. There really is no excuse to push back the booking when you do it online, as the facility is open 24/7 and flight schedules are given for the coming months.

Fly Medview does offer services whereby they entertain special requests by passengers. This will need to be sent directly to the airline to arrange and must be done at least a few days before the flight date. On the day of the flight, Fly Medview passengers have two options when it comes to checking into their flight. The check-in is done before actually boarding the flight and where all checked luggage will be sent to be stored in the cargo section of the plane. Check-in for a Fly Medview flight can be done at home through the online portal or at the departing airport. Online, it can be done a full day ahead but will have to be handled by the passenger. At the airport, the Fly Medview check in desks are only open for a limited time but the staff will handle the entire process. It is at this stage that passengers will be presented with their boarding pass which will be used when boarding the plane.