The Family Holiday – How to Survive Travelling with Kids

Family holidays can be a wonderful thing, you get to experience new and exciting things all together with the ones you love and get a break from your usual day to day. However, these trips are not without challenges, especially getting to and from your destination. To make sure you have a great and enjoyable family holiday, proper planning is essentially, and this is never more true than if you are travelling with younger kids. Mentally you need to prepare yourself, to focus on what’s really important and be ready to let go of what is not. To that end we’ve prepared some (hopefully) helpful tips on how to get the best out of your family holiday.

Tip #1: Travelling by Plane? Everyone needs to know what to expect.

If this is going to be the first time your kids will be riding a plane, then you should take a little time and go through the sort of things that might happen, such as airport security, metal detectors and other things they would not normally encounter. You have to explain to your children why they might have to take off their shoes, and the various things they might not be able to carry on the plane.For instance, a seemingly innocuous toy might raise alarm bells at an airportso make sure you check their carry on luggage BEFORE you get to the terminal, as it would be a shame to have to lose some toys for good because of security measures.


Image courtesy of . Always help kids check their belt when seated on the plane.

Tip #2: Jet Lag is the Holiday Killer

The only thing worse than jetlag is jetlag with your kids. Kids that are grumpy in the day and insomniac at night is a parenting nightmare. Fortunately, there’s an effective remedy that could get rid of it, such as going outside and staying active. Long walks are highly advisable, and if you can visit a park or playground, then you should be bringing your kids here. Getting as much sunlight as possible (with sunscreen) in the daylight hours is essential to resetting that body clock.

Also, you should be wary of the time zone. If your kid eats a big breakfast and lunch, but small dinner at home, and you’re traveling from a country where there’s a 12-hour difference or more, then your child might end up getting hungry at night, until midnight. Better prepare some healthy snacks for that.

Tip #3: Get Rid of Motion Sickness

If your child has a problem with motion sickness, then help them avoid it. Things like trying to keep the head still, looking straight ahead, getting some fresh air into the car, and not reading or using any digital device can all really help to avoid nausea from motion. On long car trips comfort is important so think about the clothes the kids will be in, especially if they’ll be sitting in a car seat. Anything too thick and bulky will be uncomfortable under those buckles.

Tip #4: Make sure clothes are location appropriate

On long car trips comfort is important so think about the clothes the kids will be in, especially if they’ll be sitting in a car seat. Anything too thick and bulky will be uncomfortable under those buckles. The same goes for planes and trains.


Dress your kids comfortably if they’ll be strapped into a seat for a long time.

Tip #5: Check the Website of the Attraction Before Visiting

You don’t want to travel for hours just to find out that the museum you’re going to go to is temporarily closed for renovation. Visit their website a day before visiting the place, and stay updated with current happenings.

Tip #6: For Longer Distances, Fly

Flying is considered to be one of the safest mode of transport. Likewise, you don’t have to endure traffic at all. Kids are known to be very impatient, and that’s why you should be picking a mode of transpiration that could bring you to your destination, the shortest time possible.

Tip #7: Keep Your Child Entertained

For longer flights, it’s important to ensure that everything your kid might need is packed in the carry-on luggage. This includes a change of clothes, sick bags, snacks, drink bottle, wipes, and toys. Entertainment like books, pencils, paper, and so on should also be brought by the parent. Think up some fun activities to keep them occupied and you’ll thank yourself big time later on

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Tip #8: One Parent in Charge

If you’re traveling with your partner, one should have the responsibility of packing the items, while the other one should look after the kids. This would ensure that everything stays organized.

Tip #9: Prepare Your Kid

If you’re concerned that your kid might get lost during this travel, then teach him what he should be doing instead it happen. Practice scenarios like this a few days before travel to ensure that he remembers.

Tip #10: Enjoy!

This can mean a lot of things. For starters, we suggest that you make the most of your travel and prevent yourself from getting stressed. No need to become a “no, no, no” parent to your child. Just make sure that he stays safe all throughout the travel. Sometimes take a bit of time for yourself as well, a lot of hotels have babysitters, maybe take advantage of that one day and go get yourself a lovely massage or even a real pampering at a day spa.

Tip #11: Have a Plan Ready

You don’t have to fully stick to the plan that you’re going to make, but it would be better if you’ll have a list of things that you want to do with your kids during travel. This would ensure that the vacation would be pleasant instead of stressful.