The Best Ways to Bring Back Old Customers Again

Have you ever stopped to wonder what happened to those old customers you once had and lost? Well, rather than just thinking about them wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could bring them back to you again?

This isn’t as an impossible dream to chase as you might first expect it to be. Indeed, by following a few simple steps you can attempt to get things moving right away.


Work Out Why You Lost Them in the First Place

Can you recall what issues caused you to lose this customer in the first place? If it was a while ago then you won’t want to rely purely on your memory for doing this.

Instead, you should consult your records and speak to colleagues who dealt with them in the past as well. Hopefully it will soon be clear whether they went away from you due to price, service levels or for some other reason.

It is only by completing this stage that you can work out whether it is going to be possible to tempt them back again. After all, if they went elsewhere for a lower price and market conditions haven’t changed then it is going to be difficult to tempt them back to you with the same prices you charged before.

Decide Whether You Want Them Back

Once you get to this point you need to consider whether you even want to make the effort to try and get them back on board. After looking at the past you might see that they were a particularly problematic client or that you never made much money from them anyway.

It is perfectly fine to say that you aren’t going to make the effort to win back every single customer that you have lost in the past. This means that you can focus your time and efforts on those good, high value clients that could really add to the business now.

If you have a lot of historic customer records to work through then you might want to group them together in order of importance. In this way, you can pour most of your energy into those ones that are definitely well worth the effort.

Find Them Again

Of course, it may not be quite as easy to locate your old clients as you would like it to be. Having said that, with a bit of luck you can do this just by using address finder software or by carrying out a quick internet search on the details that you hold for them.

However, it is also possible that you need to look into the matter a lot more in order to track them down effectively. It is entirely possible that the company has now got a new name, a new address and a new website, for example.

The best idea is to usually to start off simply by using the previous details that you hold and taking advantage of good address lookup software if needed. If this doesn’t bring you back results then the next stage is to invest more time in it, so you need to work out whether this time investment is worthwhile or not before going further.

Explain What Has Changed Since the Last Time

You now need to think about what you will say to your historic client in order to try and convince them to come back to you. After all, the reasons they had for leaving you in the first place may still be valid and need to be addressed if you want to move forward with them.

Because of this, you need to put some thought into how you are going to show them what has changed since the last time you did business together. Have you perhaps lowered your rates, improved your processes or found some other way to keep your clients happier than ever before?

If you just go back with the same old offer as before then it is more than likely that you get the same results, with the customer finding it easier to get what they need elsewhere. Give yourself the best possible chance of success by getting ready an offer that you feel should seriously interest them and meet their main concerns.

Take the time to go through these steps carefully and you could find that winning back historic customers is easier than you had first anticipated. Of course, you will then want to make sure that they stay with you longer this time once you persuade them to come back on board.