Cape Town is one of those destinations that has everything from culture to adventure

Cape Town is one of those destinations that has everything from culture to adventure. A particularly exciting venture during a stay in the city are doing wine tours in Cape Town. The Winelands region is the foremost wine destination in Africa and is gaining steam around the world also. Wine tours in Cape Town is mostly a single day affair though some do provide overnight stays of a 3 day holiday in this charming area. Planning wine tours in Cape Town can be done at the time that you are planning your holiday to the city. All of these aspects can be tackled online. You would first book your flights to Cape Town. Doing it in advance ensures you get the lowest price for your flight and that you have more options when it comes to dates.

The next step would be to tackle ground transport and this is best done with a vehicle for your sole use which is where rental cars come into play. This can also be booked online along with your hotel stay. Once your dates are set for your Cape Town holiday, you would now pick a date that you would want to tackle wine tours in Cape Town. Doing it this way means getting payment out of the way and also ensuring that at least one day of your Cape Town holiday is set. Trying to get into wine tours in Cape Town on a present day scenario is next to impossible.

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All are likely to be booked out which is why even the companies offering these wine tours often point out that a spot must be booked in advance. Wine tours in Cape Town varies according to the type that guest’s book into. This can be an in-depth look into the wine world which would be ideal for wine connoisseurs or even just a few winery visits with a lunch which would be ideal for people who do not have too much of knowledge on wine and its varietals. Wine tours in Cape Town would present the perfect setting to become more involved in this world.

In any case, a holiday to such an exciting city such as Cape Town does require a bit of down time which is just what the Winelands offers. Wine tours in Cape Town are done with a guide who will drive guests around from picking them up at the hotel, around the many wineries that will be visited and then back again to the hotel at the end of the day. Even if visitors will be sightseeing Cape Town on their own and not as a part of a tour group, wine tours in Cape Town is the one aspect that should be done this way. It has to be, because during wine tastings you will be consuming alcohol. This may seem like smaller amounts but during the course of the day, it really does add up. This would make it illegal to drive which is why wine tours in Cape Town are the safer and responsible way to travel.