The Pamir Highway is the stuff of legend

It sounds like a far off exotic destination that is out of reach for anyone to explore. Indeed, the Pamir Highway is the stuff of legend. Located in what is often referred to as the roof of the world, this road has the distinction of being the highest in the world. This is what makes it such a unique road trip. This is essentially what the Pamir Highway tour is. The journey begins in Tajikistan, in its city of Dushanbe. The start point of the Pamir Highway is located here. It is here that any Pamir Highway tour officially gets its start. Journeying to this point is done at the expense of the tour participant. The area is located in Central Asia so the only mode of transport from far off international destinations in the west is to be done by flights. This is not an expense covered as part of the Pamir Highway tour and must be catered for when handling the travel budget.


The scheduling is also important as tour guests must be in the city on or before the start date of the tour. The tours starts in Dushanbe and will continue along many neighbouring countries, the likes of Kazakhstan and Afghanistan. The highway is more than 2000 kilometres long and runs across all of these states. The mighty Pamir mountain range is a constant backdrop throughout the entire trip. It is this that the highway was named for. The Pamir Highway tour will be a road trip. The entire journey is tackled by jeep vehicles. Much of the highway is in good condition but certain areas have fallen trap to wear and tear. For the most part it is an exciting drive, much enjoyed by driving enthusiasts who view the Pamir Highway as a must do travel item. The Pamir Highway tour is also great for photography.

Not much in the form of photography tours is offered to the region, but plenty of stops are make during the Pamir Highway tour so that guests are able to capture the untamed beauty of the land. There are no hotels or even basic lodges along most of the route. Accommodation for the most part is done in tents. Guests are privy to travel company contacts to fully engage in tribal life at a few of the villages along the way. Tribes are hospitable but will not allow just anyone to come through their land. Agreements have been set so this particular aspect can be enjoyed by Pamir Highway tour guests. The route also offers the chance for a bit of cycling along the highway itself or in the mountains. Hikes are also included in the tour with one highlight being the viewpoint from the Lenin Base Camp. The Pamir Highway tour ends in the 3000 year old city of Osh. It is here that people from the region converge at the many market places to sell their handmade products. Being the end of the tour, it is the ideal time for guests to support the locals and get a few products to take back home as keepsakes or gifts.