Campbell Island is a noted stop on the Subantarctic Island cruise.

For a more unique birding adventure, look into the Subantarctic Island cruise. This destination in New Zealand offers some of the rarest animals on the planet and this does of course include an array of bird life as well. This expedition to the end of the world is an adventure like no other. The 2 week Subantarctic Island cruise is bound to keep guests memorized. The area forms part of a strict conservation effort and is hardly touched by man. There are 2 options when going on the Subantarctic Island cruise. The first would be the solely birding tour and the second would be a combination that includes photography as well. This cruise in particular is geared towards those birders who are a bit more experienced and are looking for something a bit more than your ordinary birding tours. Photography knowledge is not essential if the photography expedition is chosen. An education will be given as part of the tour.

Waiting for albatross on Campbell Island

It begins in Invercargill where guests are taken to the ship that will be their base for the duration of the Subantarctic Island cruise. The first day is set aside for introductions are for everyone to get acquainted. The Snares are the first stop on the journey. It is here that seabirds and a few penguins call home. The area is also great for photographs, with the soft lighting across the shore. The boats docks right at the island so guests can simply get off and right away begin birding, wasting no time at all. This is considered the day’s excursions. Guests on the Subantarctic Island cruise will bring along their own birding equipment of binoculars, sketchpads or cameras. The idea behind birding is to find different species and make a note of them in your birding journal. Over time this list expands and it becomes a source of pride. Campbell Island is a noted stop on the Subantarctic Island cruise. This island is known for its abundance of albatross.

These graceful creatures provide the most stunning subjects for pictures. If the Subantarctic Island cruise is done as part of a birding and photography tour, then help is given is respect to taking professional quality photos. Classes are even held on the boat so that guests get the full spectre of knowledge. In most tours, the theory is covered in the mornings before going out. On the Subantarctic Island cruise, this is done in the late afternoons. Birding has got to be done from the early morning as this is when the birds are most active, and when to take advantage of studying their social habits. During the tour, guests will have access to world renowned photographers and should fully utilize this to expand their skills in this form. Night time birding is done on one day of the Subantarctic Island cruise. This is so that nocturnal species such as owls are also included to be seen. This is so much more accessible when travelling on a boat because in just a short walk, guests would be back in their rooms and can settle in earlier, in anticipation for the next day’s adventures.