Top 4 Things You Need to Expect When Shopping in Bali

Christmas is just around the corner. And this kind of season is basically one of the best times to go to Bali, Indonesia. It offers an amazing shopping experience unique to the country. Once you get to Indonesia, you will see why people flock to that country, and why most just keep on telling you to follow those Bali money saving tips really seriously. Some of the best bargains and discounted items perfect for the impending gift-giving season can be found here. So we have made a list of things you need to expect to find in Bali.

Prepare your list and get those shopping pants ready!

Countless beach and surf wear

Before your popular boutique shops found their way to Bali, it was solely home to simple surf shops that genuinely caters to beach and surf bods. These shops are not there to compete with each other, but to provide a customer experience that goes beyond shopping. Cafe and surf shop, Drifter in Seminyak does not just sell surf wear and equipment; it also brews coffee made from Sumatra beans in a shop that harkens memories of endless days at the beach. You can also visit Deus Ex Machina, a shop and dine store that has grunge style surf wear, skateboards, and motorcycles.

To be honest, the surf shops in Bali have an aesthetic that can definitely fit your specific style.


Furniture and decors galore

If you are looking to shop for chairs, tables, antique finds, and other decorations; then Bali is the place to be. For rare finds, go to Kharisma Antiques where you can find Ming Dynasty ceramics. If you can afford to splurge a bit, you can visit Saya Gallery, go to Bambooku for unique bamboo bedding, or to Kuluk Gallery for traditional stone carving.

Designer shopping

South Bali, right at Seminyak, is crawling with some of the most sought-after designer shops in the Eastern part of the world. Check out shops that have Mister Zimi prints, Alice McCall or Auguste Frank dresses and many more. How about items made by French designer Magali Pascal, or the Brazilian brand Uma and Leopold? And if you are not satisfied with that, how about those popular couture shops like Bvlgari, Gucci, and more.

Amazing local items

Bali offers home-grown products you should definitely get your hands on. The famour kopi luwak coffee made using seeds released by the Asian palm civet. Get yourself an Uluwatu Balinese lace for comfortable beach wear. You might also want to buy chocolates from the Charlys Chocolate Farm, a cocoa farm that offers organic almond milk chocolate; they even have handmade soaps!

Shopping in Bali will definitely test your bargaining skills and discount item senses. If you are looking for a place to get awesome gifts at a price that will not hurt your wallet, come on down to Bali!