A great introductory country to visit in Africa is Rwanda

A great introductory country to visit in Africa is Rwanda. Everything that Africa is famed for, can be found here. A nice little side tour, away from the culture, history and tribal settings of the country is the Rwanda gorilla tour. The tour is fascinating on several levels. It is done entirely in a National Park. There are 2 within the country where one can partake in the Rwanda gorilla tour. Parks are large and house mountains, lodges and baby sanctuaries. It is generally 4 four days in length. Only a few hours each day are spent at the sanctuary or out in the wild so most tour companies find the Rwanda gorilla tour, the ideal time to push in some photography. The Rwanda gorilla tour is therefore often sold as a photography tour.


Each day will be different as guests will have their time scheduled to experience all times of the day watching the gorillas. Mountainous terrain is the habitat of choice for gorillas. Although vehicles are permitted and used, there is much trekking to be done on the Rwanda gorilla tour. Most of this is uphill so if you are not capable of handling this or have a medical condition which prevents you from being too exerted, the Rwanda gorilla tour is not for you. Pathways and trails have been created, making the trek much easier. The mountain gorillas are huge and very intimidating. Although not dangerous, unless provoked, people are not allowed really near them.

The Rwanda gorilla tour group will always be stationed a few metres away from them. This is an ideal spot for pictures. Even if there is no prior experience in photography, the Rwanda gorilla tour is a great place to learn the craft. There really is a difference in photo quality once one learns how to handle a camera. This is exactly what is taught during the tour. A wide variety of concepts is taught and practiced during the Rwanda gorilla tour from landscape to portrait as well as adjusting a camera for different picture outcomes. The pictures of the animals do come out natural and relaxed as they are in their home environment.

The baby centre is a much welcomed part of the Rwanda gorilla tour for anyone. It is the only time that guests get to interact with gorillas. Conservation efforts are spoken about and the work that the park is doing to care for these beautiful creatures who were once on the brink of extinction. The accommodation base for the Rwanda gorilla tour is done right inside the park. During the tour itself, there is not much travelling to be done. Time can be spent at the spa or at photography lessons. The park is in a very remote area but amenities are provided. Whether it is basic or luxury will depend on the tour type booked into. It can be a budget or exclusive trip. Either way, everyone will embark on the same tours. The only difference will be the level of luxury at the lodge.