Sports and Activities to Try While in New Zealand

New Zealand is a nation with strong links to the UK – from the language to the flag, you’ll find echoes of the United Kingdom across this distant island nation.And perhaps it’s for this reason that so many of us choose to emigrate to New Zealand from the UK.New Zealand offers many of the same distractions and leisure opportunities that the UK does, but you’ll find that things are ever so slightly different.In this article, we’ll examine some of the things you might find to fill your time in New Zealand.



Golf is among the most popular sports in New Zealand – and the country probably the world’s best in terms of quality golf courses set alongside spectacular backdrops.The game was first introduced to the country by Scottish settlers more than a hundred years ago – and since then, the sport has been developed in the country to offer facilities that are unmatched anywhere on the globe.

The country is home to more than four-hundred different golf courses, a number of which have been designated as Marquee and Experience courses, attracting professional and amateur golfers from across the world.If you’d like to experience what New Zealand has to offer in terms of golf, then you’ll want to consider a tour of the best golf courses the country has to offer – that way you’ll be able to cram it all into just a short space of time!


New Zealand strikes a perfect balance between the familiar comforts of urban life and the ruggedness of the wilderness.While there are sections of the country that aren’t dissimilar from the average town in southern England, there are other, larger sections where there’s dense rainforests, mountains and volcanoes.

And there are few modes of transport better suited to experiencing all that the country has to offer than the motorcycle.If you’re so inclined (and, perhaps more importantly, qualified), you’ll be able to enjoy the lush kiwi countryside from the comfort of your seat on the back of a Harley Davidson – or whichever brand of motorcycle you’d prefer to rent.


If you’re looking to enjoy a cycling break, then New Zealand will offer plenty of opportunities to do so – there are always new landscapes to be discovered in this part of the world, and the humble bicycle offers an excellent means of exploring them.Mountain biking is particularly popular in New Zealand, with the country’s many trails offering an opportunity for cyclists of all levels to enjoy all of the natural beauty found in New Zealand’s network of national parks.


Rugby is among the most popular sports in New Zealand, with their famously black-attired national team dominating the sport internationally.Enthusiasm for the sport is ubiquitous in this part of the world – as are opportunities to watch and play it.You’ll find the familiar set of goal posts lurking in the corner of every suburb.And if you’re planning to move to New Zealand, then it’s wise to acquaint yourself with the game – if only in order to comprehend what your friends and colleagues are talking about.


While it might not be the same lure as slopes in Europe, once you’re in New Zealand it’s well worth checking out the on-piste action to be found on the country’s South Island.There are nine ski fields on the south island, and two on the north island – including a skiable volcano.If you’re a keen skier looking to relocate down under, then there are few destinations more suitable.

Middle Earth

Perhaps New Zealand’s greatest cultural export (besides ‘Flight of the Concords’) is the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit films.The two trilogies were filmed at more than a hundred and fifty different locations spread across the country.And it isn’t just at these places where you’ll find similarities between New Zealand and its fictional counterpart, Middle Earth; there are sections of the country which could be easily mistaken for the Misty Mountains, the plains of Rohan, or Mirkwood.If you’re so-inclined, you might even make a trip to the set of Hobbiton, on the North Island.

In Conclusion

As we’ve seen, New Zealand offers an enormous amount for the would-be tourist, and for would-be immigrants, too.Jobs in New Zealand for UK citizens are relatively easy to come by – provided that you’re able to bring the right skills to the table.Be sure to research the relative shortages before making your application, and you’ll give yourself the best possible chance of success.