Hiring a Coach or Minibus


There are a lot of considerations to make when looking to hire a coach or minibus, so it definitely pays to be well informed about the process. The comfort and safety of you and your fellow passengers depend upon the decision, and so looking for a reputable company that offers good quality vehicles and competent staff is essential.

If you are looking for transport for a large amount of people to an event or place, you should begin by looking around at several of your local transport companies. The size of your party will play a large part in your choice, as different companies offer different types and sizes of vehicles, and you need to ensure you have a vehicle big enough to allow you to transport all of your passengers safely, and legally.

Another consideration is also whether or not you can drive the vehicle yourself, or if you will need a driver included in your vehicle hire. Particularly if you are looking to hire a coach, you will more than likely be looking to hire a driver along with it, so it’s important to find a company that offers professional staff, who are safe, good drivers. Meeting a driver beforehand is advisable, as you can often gage their level of professionalism through their mannerisms and conversational style, as well as their knowledge of their job. When transporting large parties of people a friendly, personable driver is also a bonus, as people tend to have more trust in people who they have built up a rapport with.

However, if you are looking to hire a smaller vehicles that you can drive yourself, it is important to arrange insurance on the vehicle whether that’s through the hire company or you do this personally. A reputable company should either deal with this themselves, or ask for proof that you have, and should also ask to see your driving license.

It is also important to ask about any penalties resultant of damaging the vehicle. If anything happens to the vehicle either whilst you are travelling or whilst you are parked, you need to know what this will cost you, and what protocols are put in place for such an event.

Price may also play a large part in your choice, although cheapest isn’t always the best option. Especially with cheaper companies it’s a good idea to check out the vehicles available for hire before you choose a hire company to ensure that they look safe and well-kept. It’s also good to see the vehicles before the day of hiring to see the level of comfort and facilities offered. If you are travelling long distance you may want more comfortable seats and a toilet available on your coach, whereas this will be less important on a shorter journey.

Hiring a minibus or coach can be stressful if you don’t properly research your options beforehand. There’s nothing worse than showing up to hire a vehicle you haven’t already seen to find yourself faced with a ramshackle minibus, or shabby, uncomfortable coach, so it is incredibly important to shop around and properly prepare beforehand.